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The church bells ring here come the hordes of the devout
received there holy penance there all forgiven now
There free to lie there free to kill there free to fucking cheat
They'll ask forgivness next week

The priest he looked at me as I was walking by
said to his congregation that I need to find the light
I took the his bible and his rosary beads
I threw them out in the street
then they all screamed

They said your going to hell because you don't believe
They said your going to hell for this life that you lead
They said your going to hell for the things that you wear
They said your going to hell and I said we're already there

They pointed preached and yelled and said they'd pray for me
I Told them all to shove there dogma and hypocrisy
Absolution is a cure to a conscience you've diseased
Why don't you practice what you preach
They screamed that any choice but gods should be a crime
The only will is gods and there can be no compromise
I asked of them explain to me what is a sin
Anything we don't believe in
I can't win

They said your going to hell because you Say it's a myth
They said your going to hell because you Will not forgive
They said your going to hell because you Do not believe
I said I'm going to hell and I'll burn willingly

your faith is full of hatred vengeance and war
created in his image speaks volumes of your lord
religion is a plague religion is a curse
religion is a sentence the prison is the church
the chalice poisoned paradise is out of reach
the immaculate deception is all that you believed
there's no salvation kingdom or eternity
looks like you'll burn just like me

i'm going to hell and that's the path that i'll take
I said 'm going to hell and I don't want to be saved

i'm going to hell


from Warning You with Peace & Love, track released April 21, 2017



all rights reserved


worldsucks New Jersey

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