Proud to the Flame

from by worldsucks



Hunting us down
Bring us to the stake
Still, we won't obey
Proud to the flame.

Can't burn the words we speak
Or turn to ash the things we think.
Can't own a soul that's free
Spit on conformity.

Defiance is our crime
Don't want no barcodes or lines
Try to close the open mind
We would rather burn alive.

Reforms are camouflaged, revolutions without cause
Archaic voices have the floor progress again put on hold
Democracy an enemy wars are waged for currency
You are lost without the cross.
Regulate with fear controlling what we see and hear
We went to wars were told of change
The ones we lost were for your gain
Leaders are all frauds and mass consensus forms your thoughts
A better way lost long ago we can't be saved
There is no fucking hope.

Fuck this system
Your leaders
Your laws.

Fuck society
Your government
Your gods.

Call this reality
You fuckin sicken me
I'd rather burn than watch this go on, man!


from Warning You with Peace & Love, track released March 21, 2017



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worldsucks New Jersey

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